About Us

**New Salmiya medical  laboratory  has  been established  in year  2000. 


New Salmiya Laboratory   family  consists  of :

  • Mrs. Ruba  al-sadah “Bcs in Biochemistry, & Bullet  proof  manager certificate ” with 15 years of experience.
  • Mrs. Shahnaz H. Dalvi  “Bsc BM Tech., B.H.M.S. ( Lab. in Charge) with 20 years of experience
  • Mr. Mohmed Manzoor “Medical Lab. technician in Biochemistry, Heamatology, microbiology, parasitology & routine work. (Jagan Institute of Medical Technology & Research center) with 17 years of experience
  • Mrs. Mariamma Varghese “Medical Lab. technologist  in Heamatology, biochemistry microbiology, parasitology and routine  work. Bsc in Medical laboratory technology. (Manipal University) with 15 years experience.”
  • Mr. Shaik.Adam Shafi ''Medical Lab. Technologist,  Master Of Science (M.Sc.) (Bio- Chemistry), Bachelor Of Science (B.Sc.) (Bio-Technology ) Diploma  In Medical Lab Technology (D.M.L.T.)  13 Years Experience As An Lab Bio- Chemist.

What does New Salmiya Lab offer to the patients


New Salmiya  medical  lab  is specialized  in  performing  all kinds  of  blood  tests  in  addition  to  other  routine  tests  for  “stool, urine, semen  and  pap  smear” samples


New Salmiya  lab  deals  with  specialized  labs  in  USA, UK  and  France  to perform  other special  lab  tests


A  daily  internal  quality  control  samples  are  run  with  all  patient  samples  to  ensure  the  quality  of  the  lab  machines  and  our  techniques


Patients  results  that  are  out  of  the  normal  range  will  automatically  be  repeated  without  any  extra  charges  to  ensure  the  accuracy  of  the  result


New Salmiya Lab  has  also  participated  in  "RIQAS”  an external  quality control  from  United Kingdom to  ensure  the  quality  of  our  lab  work  world  wise


Home  service  is  available  to  all kinds  of  patients  wherever  they  are located


We  offer  our  patients  the  most  Competitive  Prices  in  the  market

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